NiUG Asia Pacific Roadshows are a new event series launching this year! 

The 2022 Roadshows: iMIS Masterclass are a not to be missed, virtual event series consisting of four, one-day workshop courses designed to help iMIS users master iMIS. This mini conference series will take users back to their iMIS foundations and deliver tangible results. Our 2022 Roadshows focus on four keys areas for mastery that center around the foundations of being a successful and sustainable iMIS organisation, including tangible practices that every organisation who uses iMIS should be implementing. 


ROADSHOWS: IMIS MASTERCLASS  |  1 June • 6 July • 3 August • 24 August 

10 AM - 4PM AEST • 12PM - 5PM NZST • 8AM - 2 PM AWST

iMIS Masterclass is a series of four one-day workshops designed to help you master using iMIS. NiUG Asia Pacific has teamed up with ASI and our partners in the AP region to bring you a mini conference series that will take you back to your iMIS foundations and deliver tangible results. 


There are 4 courses offered as a progressive suite in the 2022 Roadshows Masterclass. Each course includes presentations, user stories, and networking where we will help you identify solutions, break down siloes, and learn to master iMIS. 

We encourage you to attend all four courses with 2-3 staff members from your organisation. Integration of the materials covered in the Roadshows back within your own organisation is a key component of the course learnings - what better way to do that than to attend with your team! 


The courses will cover the key components all iMIS users need for their organisation to master using iMIS. The focus of the courses is to provide organisations and users with the foundational elements to help them support their understanding and use of iMIS as an organisation, while exploring company wide practices that will ensure their success. 
Each one day course includes 3-4 sessions, users stories, and a networking component. The course content is designed to bring iMIS users the building blocks, guidelines, and training necessary to master use of iMIS. The educational delivery will include take aways, handouts, and tips for how users can integrate their learnings back into their organisations. 

Course 1 • 1 June • iMIS Capabilities: Did you know your system could do that?  

Many iMIS organisations are barely scratching the surface on everything this powerful tool for associations and not for profits can do. This course covers a detailed breakdown of everything iMIS can offer and ways in which your organisation might be under utlitilising its capacity. Learn about the full capacity iMIS has to offer and how your organisation can harness it for success and improved ways of working. 

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Course 2 • 6 July • Procedures, Documentation, and Education: Why staff education and process documentation is key to your success  

Are you setting your staff up for success with iMIS? Does your organisation have your iMIS processes and procedures documented? Is this something you'd like to have but haven't found the time for? 
We will be discussing the value of documentation and education for your staff on iMIS. Each organisation uses their system in a unique manner for them, but we all need to start somewhere. This course will include user success stories along with universal tips on process and procedures documentation and staff training. 

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Course 3 • 3 August • Change Management: How are your preparing for successful upgrades and implementation

A lot of planning and work goes into any iMIS upgrade or implementation. The key staff member(s) who are mapping out this process spend hours, months, and sometimes years in the planning. 
Are you leading this change across all your teams and departments? Successful use of iMIS is dependent on the collective support from within an organisation. This course will walk your through change management specific to iMIS. 
We want to see successful users who are fully on board for the future of their organisation and their use of iMIS - this course will help you walk away with the tools you need to do just that. 

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Course 4 • 24 August  Products to Revolutionise The Way You Work

Everyone wants to improve the way the work - make it more efficient, faster, less manual. Join us for a demo day on products that integrate with iMIS and will help you revolutionise the way you work. Hear from users and vendors on how these products have helped improve their workflow and aided to the success of their organisation.

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10am Session 1 

11am  Session 2 

12pm Lunch 

1pm Session 3 

2pm  Session 4 

3pm  Networking 

REGISTRATION - Opens 19 April 

We encourage users to attend all four Roadshows and we encourage multiple team members to attend in order to better help integrate the learning back into your organisation. 

The Roadshows offer a single Roadshow ticket and a Full Roadshow ticket. 

Single Roadshow - attend one course 

Single Roadshow Ticket (Single attendee, single event) 

  • Member $25 
  • Non-member $50 

Full Roadshow - Attend all four courses 

Full Roadshow Pass (Single attendee, all 4 courses) 

  • Member $90
  • Non-member $190 

Full Roadshow Pass (Group of up to 3 Staff, all 4 courses) 

  • Member $150
  • Non - member $250

Need more tickets or passes for multiple staff?

Please email [email protected] if you would like to discuss rates for multiple staff attending either . 

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The Roadshows will be recorded and all ticket/pass holders will have access to the recordings post event. 


Roadshow Sponsors

Get Involved as a Roadshow sponsors in the first annual Roadshow: iMIS Masterclasses. Sponsorship includes the ability to present, logo placement, and support acknowledgment throughout the event. Sponsorship also includes the opportunity to produce and share a branded handout, tip sheet, or document to go along with your presentation. This is a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression on attendees and showcase your skill set with iMIS and associations. 

Be recognised a leader within the iMIS community and share your expertise and experience with NiUG Asia Pacific.

Download the Roadshow partnership opportunities prospectus.  

Roadshow Partnership Prospectus

Call For Presenters

We would love for you to be part of the 2022 Virtual Roadshows through presentations and product demonstrations. We want to showcase your knowledge and we ask you to help us deliver this exciting content.



Become A Presenter

Thank You To Our Roadshow Committee Members 


Leo Papageorgiou, Pseudo Code 

Marla Nelson, Advanced Solutions International 

Michelle Lelempsis, Causeis 

Newlin Jolme, Integr8tiv

Paul Ramsbottom, Advanced Solutions International 


Sydney • Melbourne • Wellington 

Join us for an in person networking event in Sydney, Melbourne, and Wellington. We will be workshopping your individual needs to help you master the way in which your organisation uses iMIS. Bring us your iMIS challenges and leave with solutions and a plan you can implement. 

At this workshop you will: 
Identify and breakdown current issues with iMIS in your organisation 
Create solutions for your current issues 
Learn how to identify ways you can better use iMIS to support your organisation 
Problem solve issues and develop tangible solutions  

More details and dates coming soon...