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NiUG AP Roadshow - Course 2


Procedures, Documentation, and Education: Why staff education and process documentation is key to your success   

10 AM - 4PM AEST • 12PM - 5PM NZST • 8AM - 2 PM AWST

The 2022 Roadshows: iMIS Masterclass are a not to be missed, virtual event series consisting of four, one-day workshop courses designed to help iMIS users master iMIS. This mini conference series will take users back to their iMIS foundations and deliver tangible results. Our 2022 Roadshows focus on four keys areas for mastery that center around the foundations of being a successful and sustainable iMIS organisation, including tangible practices that every organisation who uses iMIS should be implementing.

There are four  Masterclass Roadshows offered in 2022. Each one-day course includes 3-4 sessions, users stories, and a networking component. The course content is design to bring iMIS users the building blocks, guidelines, and training necessary to master your use of iMIS. The educational delivery will include take aways, handouts, and tips for how users can integrate their learnings back into their organisations. Each course tackles a different subject area related to the way in which an organisation uses 

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Course 2 • Procedures, Documentation, and Education: Why staff education and process documentation is key to your success  

Are you setting your staff up for success with iMIS? Does your organisation have your iMIS processes and procedures documented? Is this something you'd like to have but haven't found the time for? 
We will be discussing the value of documentation and education for your staff on iMIS. Each organisation uses their system in a unique manner for them, but we all need to start somewhere. This course will include user success stories along with universal tips on process and procedures documentation and staff training. 


 10 AM   Session 1
 11 AM   Session 2
 12 PM  Lunch 
 1 PM  Session 3
 2 PM  Session 4
 3 PM  Networking 

REGISTRATION - Open 19 April 

Single Roadshow - Attend one course

Single Roadshow Ticket (Single attendee) 

• Member $25 

• Non-member $50 

Single Roadshow Ticket (Group of 2-3 staff) 

• Member $40 

• Non-member $90

Full Roadshow - Attend all four courses 

Full Roadshow Ticket (Single attendee) 

• Member $100 

• Non-member $190 

Full Roadshow Ticket (Group of 2-3 Staff) 

• Member $175

• Non - member $275 

Please email [email protected] if you would like to discuss rates and discounts for group tickets for 4 or more staff. 



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